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The 7 Destiny


Those who are born on 7,16 or 25th day of any month belong to basic No. 7. Master planet of this number is Ketu. This number is representative of time cycle rules. It is also a symbol of 7 situations of man. There are 7 days in a week, 7 syllable in music tone and 7 colors n light. This is also a mysterious number.

The Lord of this number is GOD Narsingha.

3 things about them are worth mentioning.
One is originality.
Two is independent thoughts.
Three is their towering personality.

Their physical and mental aspects are in good harmony but they are more leaning towards intellectualism and spiritualism. Anyone who meets them can never forget them.

Due to deity of water element they hae special attraction for water. Sitting on a seashore or watching a river or a water fall fills their heart with joy. They like getting themselves drenched in rain.

The basic no. 7 people are quite Artistic, Writers, Numerologists, Astrologers or mediators. They face some difficulties in their early phase but after they achieve adulthood ie. after the age of 21…..

They can be a very good politician, quite introvert, large hearted.


Lot of time people will try to defame them; so need to be bit careful. By and large they are of balanced mind and practical. After 50 they should pay due attention to their health…

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Name Numerology


Name As Per Numerology (Commercial & Personal)

Name does put lot of impact on the life of a person or an individual. The name one gets does relate to previous birth deeds; which comes along with the soul in the universe. But to get the significant impact needs to have a name as per Numerology.


Numerology & Baby Names

comprehensive baby naming based on Vedic Astrology-Numerology principals. Yogispeaks offers you unique method & easy to use tools such as baby names as per nakshatra, moon sign and Date of Birth and set them as per numerology.


Know Your Lucky Birth Stones

birthstones are associated with your birthday. Birthstones are Gem stones which are associated with the birth month of a person. These birthday stones or birthstones are believed to bring good luck and health to the wearer. There are many birthstones associated with each month. Birthstone list include Modern birthstone, traditional birthstone, zodiac birth stone, lucky charm birthstone, mystical birthstone etc.

Numerology Calculator – Number & Name Numerology

The ancient science of Numbers known as Numerology, as the name suggests, places excess faith in numerical patterns. Since every number is said to emit a personal vibration, people with different Birth numbers have different characteristics. Here the important question is ‘how to determine’ ones number. The most important number in Numerology are day of the month on which you’re born (Mulank) and number derived from your name (Namank). This number determines your basic nature, your character, personality and individuality. Have you ever wondered what makes one individual shy and the other an extrovert? Numerology answers this through the vibration of different numbers.

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Numerology Pricing List

All forecast from January - December. Get reports on personal front (profile).


* Printed reports will be delivered in a month's time depending in which part of the world you reside.

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Lucky Names for Your Baby with Significance

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