What People Say


Aspiration imagination acknowledging future…. Rewarding our deeds and improving our deeds..Believing in God and Karma!! Thank you Acharya Shubhendu for sharing your immense depth knowledge with us and guiding us throughout!! We will always be indebted…

Ms. Shruti Gupta, Home Maker – Kolkata.


Hello Shubhendu ji, Today my body had a shivering after receiving a news. We had consulted many astrologer during time of pain. Again one of your out of many predictionsfew months back came true in the month of August where you only had predicted confidently. Maa Durga has blessed you with special art of Vastu and astrological calculations. I wish you will use it at the best to guide people in need and pain. God Bless you….

Mr. Rupesh Doshi, Jeweller, Cuttack.


There might be several people in India who claim to be professional astrologers, numerologists and vastu consultants. Some may be good too but Shubhendu’s talent can’t be judged using the same parameters…as he is the only one with no comparisons, period. He with his amazing abilities has helped and mesmerized several people including me. Keep up the good work. God Bless!!.......

Dr. K Bose, Scientist. Mumbai


Each of has highs and lows in life. I met Acharya Shubhendu 10 years back; when the tides of my life was calm. Carefree of the storms of future I discussed small hitches with him. He predicted some astonishing things which I didn’t believe,but within months the reality unfolded. A non-believer turned into a follower. Its’s almost a decade now. I consult him to help me wade through the difficulties of life. The easy alternative remedies suggested by Acharya has ease of implementation and are very effective. I sincerely thank him for being a friend and guide in difficult times and wish him success for his online guidance programme…

Ms. Kanchan Todi, Director – Kanchan Foundantion, Mumbai.


Acharya Shubhendu Kar Roy is a very competent and good astrologer . He has vast knowledge in vastu also. His calculations are very correct and his predictions are up to the mark. Beside his knowledge in both the subject his instinct works wonderfully.The remedies that he gives are very affective. Shubhendu is very good at numerology also. .I take his advice at regular intervals and things have really improved on my personal and business front . I thank him from the bottom of my heart for helping me in solving my problems by giving simple yet affective remedies….

Ms. Sreenita Goenka, Director – Mahanadi Investments & Properties Pvt. Ltd., Cuttack.


A person with copious knowledge of astrology has given a peaceful direction to be followed which helped me in my family and professional life…

Ms. Deepali Das, Teacher – St. Joseph Convent, Jabalpur